Thin and Thick Lines
HD Videoinstallation
Mixed Media, Dimensions variable

Thin and Thick Lines is a video installation exploring the boundaries between two-dimensional and three-dimensional space
in relation to lense-based media. The piece uses framing and focus as the classic tools of lens based vision to generate new
perspectives and confuse our perception of space and scale.

The installation consists of a site specific framing of window space and a HD-Video.The video shows coloured pieces of paper
moving amongst each other. The focus of the video camera gradually shifts between fore-, middle- and background continuously
confusing the scale and perception of space. The video runs in a semi-dark room complemented with cut outs on a window front.
The cut outs appear as cinematographic images themselves and correspond with the video. Depending on the viewers standpoint
in the room the cut outs show different framed clips from the world outside the exhibtion space.